Catch A Bee

Catch A Bee 1.0

Catch A Bee is a cute game in which you should encase bees in a bubble wand
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Catch A Bee is a beautiful game for the whole family in which you should catch cute bees to earn points; to be more precise you will need to encase them in a bubble wand.
The game features simple colorful graphics with beautiful and funny characters (especially bees) who fly across the screen at different speeds. Some of them fly faster than others and are more difficult to catch. Also, there are different types of bees, catching which will give you different points. Generally, the ones that fly faster give you more points.

The game also includes some bonuses that will give you extra time or more detergent to make more bubbles, which makes it more attractive and fun.

Although the task of the game sounds to be easy, it is not, especially in the beginning, you will need some time to learn blowing bubbles. Don't feel frustrated if you can't do it, just keep trying. My advice is try making them not large, otherwise they will blow out.

It would be great if the game included more levels with different scenarios and more bonuses.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Some bonuses


  • A little bit difficult to play at first
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